Dirkje van der Horst-Beetsma

'Textile fascinates me in all its forms; working with textiles is for me a way of expressing myself.

Textiles are warm, textiles live. It started long ago, when I made simple pieces of craft. Looking back, this was important for getting to know all the techniques that are now available to me. Over the years I did it all. I did embroidery, I made classic quilts and have quite some covering beds. But more and more I learned to enjoy the free forms, often developing on the go. Free machine stitching is great. At first it was a technique especially suited for stitching small pieces of fabric together, but more and more the stitchings themself have grown in importance.

I do not make a formal design, the idea for a piece is in my head. Inspiration may come from many sources like words, photographs, an attractive piece of fabric or patterns on cast-iron manhole lids.

Textures, hues and contrasts play an important role in creating a quillt, that is interesting to look at, while not being able to say why. I did not follow the main road in textile land, but what a fun to find your own way to happiness: to be content when it looks good when it is ready. On to the next.....

Since 1999 I am a member of the international group QuiltArt.'



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